is a data analysis platform that automatically captures data provenance and analysis history, making publishing reproducible workflows as simple as citing a link.

Flexibility built in

Manage datasets and run analysis workflows in the cloud using our web-based interface, or execute workflows locally with our CLI tools and upload the results.

Code and run your own Python-based algorithms.

Build a user-friendly web interface for your code with our UI components:

  • Plotly and Vega graphing components
  • Handsontable tabular data display components
  • Parameter input/output display component
  • File upload component

Publish complete workflows as citable entities.

How it works


Upload experiment data


Run analysis online or locally


Visualise results


Select from a library of user-contributed analysis algorithms


Write and contribute analysis algorithms

[42] Jane Smith, Example Analysis, Sept 2022. Available at


Publish reproducible workflows by citing a single link