Meet the team

Professor Pall Thordarson

Project Principal

Pall is the director of the UNSW RNA Institute and a Professor at the School of Chemistry, UNSW Sydney. His research interests range from nanomedicine and light-harvesting materials to supramolecular and systems chemistry.

Pall is the progenitor of the project, starting from its original incarnation as Pall is passionate about facilitating tooling for open science and encouraging reproducibility in data analysis.

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Varvara Efremova

Software Architect

Varvara is a solutions architect and implementation specialist for the project with a background in astrophysics. She is responsible for architecting and implementing the backend services underpinning the ecosystem as well as frontend implementation details.

In her various roles she has worked extensively across the web application architecture landscape and with the Python scientific stack. She prioritises designing user-focused, modular, maintainable and well-documented applications, as well as establishing good coding practices to ensure project sustainability.

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James Wilmot

Software Architect

James is a solutions architect for the project. He specialises in data specification design and is a passionate advocate for FAIR data management principles. He has extensive experience in web application architecture and frontend design.

James loves to run and has ridden a touring bicycle across both islands of New Zealand on multiple occasions.


Thomas Wilmot

Cloud Infrastructure Specialist

Thomas is the cloud infrastructure specialist for He has extensive experience with AWS and Google Cloud infrastructure deployments and holds certifications in both. He specialises in Infrastructure as Code deployments with Terraform, ensuring reproducible and resilient deployments.